Default vs manual New Product to Site (A4 transport to site) settings

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Motivation (why we need this feature): To accurately calculate A4 Transport to site impacts., Which regions need the feature?: Global, Which projects types does the feature support?: Infrastructure, Which ratings systems require the feature?: none,

I have recently learnt that when adding a material to a new template, if the transport to site settings are set as ‘default’ then this part of the data (transport distance to site, modes of transport) is subject to change depending on the location of the project/design space in which the new template is eventually added to. I.e. if material X is selected when building the new template and the default New Product to Site (transport to site settings) is set at ‘default’ 1500km via Rigid Truck, this could change significantly when uploaded into a design space e.g. 12,500km via sea, 175 via Artic Truck, 50 via Rigid Truck.

This is of course a very convenient functionality if the transport to site data inputs (distance and modes of transport) have not been previously specified by the project team and they are happy to use the default settings.

My understanding is that if the New Product to Site data is to remain unchanged when adding a template to a design space, the ‘manual’ option should be selected when adding a material to a new template.

Please could a reminder note be provided somewhere on the tool within the design space to notify/remind the user of this functionality.

Hypothetically, there could be a case where a user does not change the ‘default’ data because it aligns to their assumptions, but then the change happens based on their project’s location. This could potentially happen without a user knowing about it.

A reminder note would be useful so that if they need to, a user can either:
a) change the template transport settings to ‘manual’; or
b) perform a bulk swap within their design space


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