External Certifier Role

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Certifier Motivation (why we need this feature): Having a certifier/reviewer role and the ability to assign this role to a model/structure for certification is important for ensuring the role only has access to the models they have been assigned, and cannot view any other potentially sensitive data within the app. Potentially sensitive data could include customer specific data, such as email addresses, and project lists, and also the full list of certifications requested, including organisation/user/project., Which regions need the feature?: United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand, Which projects types does the feature support?: Buildings, Fit Outs, Which ratings systems require the feature?: Green Star (Australia), v1.2 onwards, Green Star (NZ), v1.0 onwards, potentially GLA, potentially BREEAM.,

With more and more demand for 3rd party certifications we need the functionality of allocating individuals (potentially from another organisation) as a reviewer or certifier.

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