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Reporting Motivation (why we need this feature): It would be great if the LCA reports could focus on a specific indicator (or set of indicators), such as GWP, Water Use, or possibly some other indicator. This would be really useful for helping people to understand the LCA results better, and being less overwhelmed by the large quantity of information in the current summary tables. The selected "focus" indicator(s) could be reported separately in the exec summary, with separate tables just reporting that indicator. Everything else in the exec summary could remain, so all indicators are still reported, but possibly there could be an option to only report a focus indicator., Which regions need the feature?: Global, Which projects types does the feature support?: Buildings, Infrastructure, Fit Outs, Landscaping, Which ratings systems require the feature?: Not strictly required, but would make reporting for GS Buildings easier.,

Add a key indicator focus to the LCA reports

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  1. Robin Campbell

    Add a new table to the exec summary showing the focus indicator impacts across the different LC modules.
    Add another table akin to the scenarios page, showing absolute impacts, upfront change, LC change, and % change for the focus indicator.

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