GLA and RICS mode

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Motivation (why we need this feature): It will help to quickly and accurately customize the assessments to the specific requirements, Which regions need the feature?: Global, Which projects types does the feature support?: Buildings, Fit Outs, Which ratings systems require the feature?: GLA & RICS,

It would be helpful to have a GLA or RICS mode for projects, in which the templates have custom parameters that are aligned with the technical requirement of GLA and RICS, such as transport distances and service life.


  1. Pat4644

    Actually the eTool defaults are more specific and therefor accurate than the very generic RICS defaults. Following EN15978 as well as the GLA guidance the etool defaults are more representative and therefor provide more accurate results. It would not make sense to “dum down” the model to make it less representative simply to follow the RICS defaults which are suggestions if no better information is available, better information is available so better to use it.

    Hopefully in the next update RICS follow the BRE IMPACT defaults which are product specific.

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