Improved Recommendations Recording

5 years agoapproved4

I find that you can’t make any edits to recommendations or rerecord a recommendation without it throwing off the total balance when compared to a reference/base design. It’s especially difficult when the edits are based on feedback from certification review, and the design has to be cloned from reference again and all recommendation rerecorded to avoid the non-balance.


  1. Marni5603

    Yes please! I have to update a design (additional floor) and now have to reload all the previous recommendations. I did not do the previous certification so it is near impossible to try and figure out what was done – or is there a way??

  2. Richard Haynes

    Ok, some neat new features coming with strategies recording which should (somewhat) resolve this pain point. In testing I’ve been loving it but we’ll see how it works in anger shortly. If you want early access let us know.


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