Include “Branch” Scenarios in LCA Reports

3 years agoopen0
Reporting Motivation (why we need this feature): The side branch scenarios provide valuable information. They may demonstrate alternative options, or ineffective strategies (which is also valuable information), but currently only the modeller themselves has visibility of these side branch scenarios. Clients and receivers of LCA/LCD Feedback Reports should also have this information to aid in decision making., Which regions need the feature?: Global, Which projects types does the feature support?: Buildings, Infrastructure, Fit Outs, Landscaping, Which ratings systems require the feature?: N/A,

When using the scenarios feature it is common to model scenarios that are not progressed in the main tree. Currently those “branch” scenarios are not included in the LCA and LCD Feedback reports. It would be valuable for clients and receivers of these reports if all of the side branch scenarios modelled were included in these reports.

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