Separate reporting of sequestered carbon

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Motivation (why we need this feature): To comply with the New London Plan LCA policy, Which regions need the feature?: United Kingdom, Which projects types does the feature support?: Buildings, Which ratings systems require the feature?: New London Plan,

The new London Plan Life Cycle Assessment policy will require the sequestered carbon of timber products to be included in the A1-A3 modules AND also reported separately in accordance with the relevant RICS paragraph. The RICS guidance requires the sequestered carbon to be calculated using the EN 16449 formula. It would be nice if the tool reported these figures automatically together with the rest of the results


  1. Robin Campbell

    The GWP-B indicator is now available in the eTool default datasets v17 onwards. This is the indicator that captures carbon sequestration of timber products allowing it to be reported separately.

    Additionally we are in the process of adding automated reports into eTool that report the LCA results in accordance with the requirements of the New London Plan, Green Star Buildings, and more.

  2. Joe1344

    We are looking to report our embodied carbon results publicly and very keen to align with current best practice which reports sequestered carbon separately. Please confirm progress on this given the age of this support request.

  3. Eilidh3555

    This would be really helpful. In addition, it would be good if the embodied (CO2eq) emissions associated with manufacturing & transport of these products could be presented alongside the sequestered biogenic C data. Carbon markets are starting to evolve for sequestered C storage in buildings and this would enable the net C storage benefit to be easily quantified for the calculation of C credits.

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