Simultaneous Scenarios and Recommendations within a Structure

4 years agoopen0
Motivation (why we need this feature): The scenarios feature is a significant improvement on recommendations and it would be excellent if we could use it for new designs in ALL projects, including those which use recommendations for earlier designs. , Which regions need the feature?: Global, Which projects types does the feature support?: Buildings, Infrastructure, Fit Outs, Landscaping, Which ratings systems require the feature?: N/A,

I would like to be able to use the scenarios function for a new design in an existing structure without affecting recommendations already recorded for another design within the same structure.

An example of where this applies is to projects that are moving to the final design phase – and so need a ‘Final’ design created (- which would ideally be done using the scenarios function), but which used the recommendations function to create the ‘Proposed’ and/or ‘Improved’ designs.

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