Template Sharing Across an Organisation

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OrganisationsLibrary Motivation (why we need this feature): This would enable users to align assumptions with the best practice within each organisation. This would also drastically speed up the process of modelling, as templates that are re-used wouldn't need to be modelled again by another user. This would support newer users in eTool in modelling buildings that align with the other models an organisation produces. This would create less discrepancy between modellers/ which office they are in and how they have been taught to use eTool., Which regions need the feature?: Global, United Kingdom, Europe, Which projects types does the feature support?: Buildings, Infrastructure, Fit Outs, Landscaping, Which ratings systems require the feature?: Not rating scheme specific, but would be a useful feature across all rating schemes.,

Allow all users connected to an organisation to access each others’ templates that they have created. This could work in two ways:
– In the form of ‘Organisation Templates’ which every user under the organisation would have access to, and these would be set up by members within the organisation; Or
– Adding the user created templates to every user within that organisation’s library.

This would help ensure consistency of modelling across an organisation, and would enable an easier alignment of the assumptions used in each model created. For example, everyone in the organisation would have aligning timber end-of life scenarios, etc.

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