Use multiple LCI sources in the same project

4 years agodeclined2
Motivation (why we need this feature): To allow users to model LCAs using different LCI sources within the same project., Which regions need the feature?: Global, Which projects types does the feature support?: Buildings, Infrastructure, Fit Outs, Landscaping, Other, Which ratings systems require the feature?: N/A,

There are cases where an LCA must be done for the same project with more than one LCI source. It would be good if the LCI source was unlocked from the Project so that design can be modelled using different LCI sources each time.


  1. Marios Tsikos

    Hi Rich, the intend of this feature request was to allow users to model the same design(s) with different LCI Sources and keep them in one place. More specifically, the default LCI and IMPACT database. The reason why this would be needed is for users to keep both their options appraisal designs and the benchmark comparison one at the same project when they are using their model for BREEAM. For BREEAM UK NC 2018 the users are encouraged to use the default LCI for options appraisal but if their project is an office, retail or industrial building, they will have to also model the chosen superstructure option at the end of the process using IMPACT so that it can be compared with the BREEAM benchmarks. These designs with different LCI Sources shouldn’t be comparable or feed into the same reports at all. This request is all about housekeeping really.

  2. Richard Haynes

    Hi everyone, thanks for all the votes on this one. A few notes on this feature request:
    – One thing that is off-limits for eToolLCD is mixing LCI Sources in the same design. Mixing LCI Sources in the same LCA study is not in accordance with ISO and EN standards (unless those LCI Sources have aligned methodologies etc which is never the case).
    – We have historically had the the ability for users to run an LCI Sensitivity Analysis via the LCI Comparison Chart. So you could check your design still performs as you expect with different LCI Sources. Unfortunately this chart doesn’t work so well now we have so many LCI Sources in the default LCI Group. I’ve logged a feature to fix this
    – Technically this is relatively easy within the same “LCI Group” where there’s a 1:1 match with all processes. It gets way more complicated with different LCI Groups where there isn’t a 1:1 match, no easy resolution for this one.

    I need more info on Why this is required too. What is driving a single project to use multiple LCI Sources?

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