Software Introduction – Getting Started with the basics

The following posts provide step-by-step short introductions to building your first LCA models in eToolLCD.  We have numerous other posts that expand on the below but they give a taster for some of the basics.

The Problem



One of our favourite graphics explained!


Information gathering


The first step in any LCA is retrieving the information that you would like to model. You can download our information request example here 00 PDR V8.0 IMPACT Information requirements


Cut-off Rules


Knowing when to say when is a crucial part of effective LCA modelling


Initial Model Set-up


Setting up the basic project, structure and model hierarchy.  For further details on project scope please see this post

Bulk Import using CSV file

Speed up the process by importing multiple templates at once.

Simple Template Cloning and Adjusting

For more detail on eTools template system and instructional videos please see this post



How to record Recommendations in eToolLCD.


Where the fun really begins!


How to use the bulk swap function in eToolLCD.


Handy function for running materials swap recommendations

How to make improvements to your eToolLCD design.


For more detailed info on recommendations functionality please see this post.

How to generate Reports in eToolLCD


Reporting for BREEAM 2018

Download file structure here


And follow this video

Further information on BREEAM 2018 reporting can be found here

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