Additional Reporting for Green Star

Additional Reporting for Green Star

Extra points are up for grabs if you report on 5 additional life cycle impacts. You can select which indicators to report on at the Project Level of your project under the ‘Indicators’ tab.  There are some differences in the indicators required between the different rating versions so do pay attention to the following.

Green Star v1.1

Additional indicators required:

Green Star v1.2 & v1.3

Up to 4 extra points are up for grabs if you report on the following 5 additional life cycle impacts for both Green Star v1.2 & v1.3:

Green Star Buildings

For the new Green Star Buildings, they’ve now added ‘Net use of fresh water’ to their main impact indicators on top of the other additional indicators.


Additional Indicators in eToolLCD

In the eToolLCD software, the additional indicators you select will vary depending on which version of the dataset you use. Note that generally, you always use the latest version of the LCI data. You only use an older version if a Design Review assessment has already been conducted using an older LCI dataset. In which case, you only use the same dataset as the previous assessment.

Australasian LCI – v11

On an older LCI dataset (v11), your additional indicator list will look like this:

For Green Star v1.1

For Green Star v1.2

Australasian LCI – v13

For Green Star v1.2 & v1.3

Australasian LCI – v14, v15, v17 & v18

The latest version is currently v18. Please get in touch with us if you don’t have access to this version.

For Green Star v1.1, v1.2, v1.3 & Buildings

For Green Star Buildings (in addition to the above indicators)

RELEVANT ARTICLES: Human Toxicity Indicators, Impact Category Definitions



  1. Richard Haynes

    Also, you should update to V14 for this project, there was some really significant improvements to V14 that were identified with a new QA/QC process eTool started undertaking.


  2. Richard Haynes

    Hi Marie,

    Good question. I am fairly confident that we Green Star will accept the newer units, particularly because this is not one of the core indicators but rather an additional one. If you do run into issues with the certifier please let me know and I’ll make enquiries with the GBCA on this.


  3. Marie3051

    My project is using GS D&AB v1.1 where Human Toxicity is required in kg 1,4 DB equivalent and I am under v13 in eTool. For v13, you only refer to GS v1.2 and v1.3. So what about v1.1?

    Is it compliant to report Human toxicity cancer and non cancer in CTUh when the requirement is for kg 1,4 DB equivalent? Did you have this case before?

    Many thanks,


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