Advanced Support Package

For clients who would like access to specialist level LCA experience, knowledge & mentor-ship for your project, we are now offering our Advanced Support Package to cater to this demand.

Our Advanced Support Packages are designed for organisations & clients who are new/up-skilling to using eTool or would like additional support with modeling unfamiliar projects. Clients/users that want to fast track their training or become a power user will benefit from our Advanced Support Package as it gives you on-demand and direct access to a wealth of industry leading LCA experience and knowledge.


The Advanced Support Package works by purchasing hours of Advanced Support. These hours have no expiry date and can be used any time so long as you still have a valid eTool subscription. If you have used up your purchased hours you may purchase more as required. Unused hours are non-refundable and require an upfront payment.

The Advanced Support hours purchased can only be utilised for the three types of support below:

Use of your Hours will be calculated based on the time spent by the support team, this includes but not limited to:

  • any preparation time (i.e development of customised training, research, review of use cases)
  • review/investigation of LCA model outside of meeting sessions
  • virtual meetings

If more than one LCD Coach is involved in any type of Advanced Support, hours are deducted for each of the coaches time.

Critical Information Summary for Advanced Support Package

Each support type provided in our Advanced Support Package is subject to their own critical information summary. To receive a copy, please Submit a Support Request.

Please ensure that you have reviewed them in detail. We will use all reasonable endeavors to meet resourcing and time-frames as per client requirements.


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