Separate Reporting for Biogenic Carbon

eToolLCD – LCI Source v.17 is aligning with EN15804 2019 A2 and reports the following environmental indicators separately.

Summary below, see EN15804 for more details:

  • GWP Total: Total GWP equals the sum of the below indicators
  • GWP Fossil: GWP from the oxidation or reduction of fossil fuels or materials containing fossil carbon (e.g. combustion, incineration, landfilling, etc.). This indicator also accounts for GWP from GHG emissions e.g. from peat and calcination as well as GHG removals e.g. from carbonation of cement-based materials and lime.
  • GWP Biogenic: GWP from removals of CO2 into biomass from all sources except native forests, as transfer of carbon, sequestered by living biomass, from nature into the product system declared as GWP-biogenic.
  • GWP LULUC: This indicator accounts for GHG emissions and removals (CO2, CO and CH4) originating from changes in the defined carbon stocks caused by land use and land use changes associated with the declared/functional unit.

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