BREEAM 2018 – Core Building Services credit available in eTool

eToolLCD users can now achieve the exemplary credit for Core Building Services options appraisal during Concept Design (all building types). eToolLCD Default UK dataset has been approved by BRE to be used for modelling core building services, improvement strategies (options appraisal) and exemplary credits. This will allow a wider scope to be captured in the LCA study and increased opportunities for overall impact reduction during Concept Design.  At least 3 significantly different core building services design options need to be modeled to fulfill the BREEAM 2018 Mat-01 credit requirements.
The Services to be added to the LCA scope are Heat Source, Space heating and Air-conditioning, Ventilation, Fuel installations and systems when applicable. Please refer to the Table 9.3 Core building Services – In-scope for more details.
eToolLCD users will need to be granted access to the most recent default dataset. Life Cycle Inventory processes available in the eToolLCD Default UK datasets include for example refrigerant gases, electric motors, electrical equipment, electronics, solar panels and inverters. Login or create an account to check this example on HVAC Complete Chiller System for Large Office Building.
eToolLCD template is linked with the LCI Group (Default or IMPACT) it was created. Templates will be automatically be updated using the LCI version selected at project level but the templates are not transferable between different LCI groups. Designers now using the eTool default LCI group can use existing templates available, clone and adjust or start from scratch.
IMPACT Benchmark credits – The Superstructure comparison against the benchmark (Concept and Technical design stages) will continue to be pursued by using the IMPACT database to allow consistent and fair comparison with the benchmarks that were developed using this same database.
The updated Results submission tool is available in the BREEAM Projects website.  The full Mat-01 credit description is available in the BREEAM New Construction 2018 (UK) website.
BREEAM Core Building Services WEBINAR 


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