BREEAM 2018 Reporting from eToolLCD

Create your LCA models according to Mat 01 Building LCA, Complete the LCA Peer Review with eTool, Export results and complete Mat 01/02 Results Submission Tool at Concept Design.

Concept Design workflow

Watch this video explaining the process from creating your baseline design through to completing the BRE submission tool:


Before you paste the spreadsheets generated from eToolLCD into the BREEAM submission folder, please check and ensure that each spreadsheet has categorised all materials to match BREEAM reporting requirements as per the list below.

Table 9.1 – Superstructure (criteria 1 to 5)

  • 2.1 Frame
  • 2.2 Upper floors
  • 2.3 Roof
  • 2.4 Stairs and ramps
  • 2.5 External walls
  • 2.6 Windows and external doors
  • 2.7 Internal walls and partitions

Table 9.2 – Substructure and Hard Landscaping (applicable to criteria 6 and 7)

  • 1.1 Substructure
  • 8.2 Roads, paths and pavings

Table 9.3 – Services (applicable to criteria 8 and 9)

  • 5.5.1 Heat source
  • 5.6 Space Heating and Air Conditioning
  • 5.7 Ventilation
  • 5.9 Fuel Installations / Systems

Note that generally our templates are categorised to the third level of categorisation (i.e. 8.2.1 Roads, paths and pavings) which won’t be pulled into the ‘Mat0102_ResultsSubmissionTool_V1.9.xlsx’ spreadsheet if left as is. Therefore it is critical to check the spreadsheets and edit these entries within the spreadsheet (i.e. Excel) to the correct level of categorisation as per the list above in order to ensure that all materials are pulled into the results spreadsheet correctly.

Third Party Verification

eTool will check the LCA work and produce the Certifier Review Statement at Concept Design and Technical Design describing how well the LCA represents the design in consideration and that the LCA options meet the quality requirements. The Certifier Reviewer Statement also contains the LCA competency statement for the reviewer to demonstrate suitable qualification and independence from the design team.


After the baseline design is completed with categories checked and certified by eTool, it’s now ready to be cloned and modified to create each LCA option. Always clone the baseline design to create LCA options and record each LCA option in a new design. That will allow the results file to be generated for each option and pasted into the Mat 01/02 Results Submission Tool. Create an Options Appraisal document and upload it into eToolLCD design docs tab to assist the verification process. For more information on Options Appraisal documentation, please follow this link.

Superstructure options appraisal during Concept Design:

Note that you will need only three new Superstructure options as the Superstructure Baseline design is the same as the Superstructure Option 1 design.

Substructure & Hard Landscaping options appraisal during Concept Design:

Note that you will need four new options (at least 2 Substructure and 2 Hard Landscaping) to meet the total combined of six options, as the baseline design is also Substructure and Hard Landscaping Option 1 and Option 2.

LCA and LCC alignment

Complete an Elemental LCC during the Concept Stage and the Component Level LCC at the Technical Stage according to Man 02 LCC and service life planning. We have yet to create a support article specifically for the Man 02 LCC credit, however meanwhile you can download our LCC templates from this post.

Create an options appraisal summary document showing the integration of LCA and LCC including the relevant cost information from the ‘elemental LCC plan’ and ‘Component level LCC option appraisal’.

This support article will be updated with Technical Design info soon.

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