Bulk Swap

Bulk swap feature is designed to make multiple changes at the same time and quantify the savings before applying the modifications to your design. You’ll find the ‘Bulk Swap’ button up in the top right corner of your design, next to the ‘+Add Template’ button.

This feature is a time-saving solution for implementing changes, especially when working on improvement strategies that involve modifications to multiple elements and templates. We strongly recommend exploring this tool, given its extensive range of category options and parameters available for making changes. Some examples include changing material spec (type, quantity, recycled content), transportation mode and distances. The full list of parameters are detailed below.

Note: When you use Bulk Swap, it only changes the specific item that you’re swapping. It will not update any of the associated factors (i.e. density, quantity, unit, construction waste factors, end-of-life disposal methods etc) to match the new item you’ve specified.



As an illustrative example, we applied this feature to model an improvement strategy, incorporating a 40% addition of fly ash to the Poured Concrete – Foundations, 50MPa (m3) template.

Step 1 – Choose Items: Begin by selecting the category in which changes need to be implemented. Next, use the filters to assist in selecting specific elements and templates from the model.

Step 2 – Specify Changes: Click on the ‘Parameter’ box to display and select the parameter to be affected by changes. Repeat this action in the ‘Changes to’ box, locating and selecting the new material to be applied in the template. You can add multiple parameter changes to the same selected items at a time by clicking on the ‘+’ sign

Step 3 – Check Result: Review the anticipated savings from the strategy. Once satisfied with the result, click on ‘Apply changes’ to update the design.

Video guide below on how to use the bulk swap tool.


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