Certifier Review Statement Report

After the reviewer has certified your design, they will generate a Certifier Review Statement report and email you a copy. The report will also be saved to your design so that you can go to the design itself to download it from there.

The Certifier Review Statement is a record of the whole review process and it provides the transparency required to meet best practice international standards for LCAs. Therefore any discussion between the author and reviewer relating to the review/study must be recorded within the Quality Check comments of the design for transparency.

The reviewer may be leave some Quality Checks ‘In Question’ to highlight to the study audience about any concerns that need to be taken into consideration about the study. Usually this relates to any misalignment from the international standards. This does not mean that certification of the study will not be awarded which will be based on the reviewer’s discretion.

Study authors are encouraged to challenge/question the reviewer’s feedback. However the responsibility lies with the author to convince the reviewer that the study is sufficiently accurate and meets LCA standards. This may require the author to provide supporting documents as evidence/reference to address the reviewer’s concerns regarding the study.

To download an example Certifier Review Statement report please click here

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