eTool Again Leading Building LCA Software

Since the release of eTool V1 we have been receiving great feedback regarding the software which has enabled us to prioritise how to improve it further.  We have finally begun work on Version 2 which will further cement eTool’s leadership in sustainable design software for the built form.

Once again we have commissioned Phobos Consulting to undertake this work and look forward to the improvements they will be making to the excellent interface they have already developed for eTool.  In the Phobos consulting development team we’re excited to have Jeremy Hadfield back on eTool and welcome Matt Kocaj to the project who is already proving very helpful.

Specifically, we have highlighted for following key areas for improvement:


  • Improved interface to simplify the way designs and templates are edited
  • Default costs for all materials, equipment and energy supply sources to facilitate very easy LCA cost calculations
  • More flexibility for entering custom transport distances (not relying on Australian postcodes)


  • eTool have hired Ben Rose to conduct a third party verification on the eTool inputs, scope and calculations.  eTool is delighted to be working with Ben who has a wealth of knowledge and huge credibility in the carbon analysis world.  Read more about Ben here
  • Introduction of numerous LCI databases to increase the flexibility of eTool and allow sensitivity analysis of results (between database sources)


  • A one page building performance summary certificate
  • Building cost verse time which will demonstrate financial payback periods for sustainability features
  • Annual energy cost tables (and breakdown into operational energy categories)
  • Sustianibility spider (radar) charts to see performance of other environmental impacts (not just carbon and energy).  We are prioritising toxicity and land use for Version 2 and hope to expand on this dramatically in Version 3 and beyond

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