Example Projects

For first time eTool users, it can be incredibly daunting to construct your first LCA. Sometimes it’s just easier to have an example to compare with so that you can feel confident about how you’re getting along. So to help our first time users figure out what kind of templates you should see in different kinds of projects, we can clone a bunch of example projects into your profile for your reference upon request.

Please note that these example projects are only available for paid subscriptions.

In order for us to start the process, you’ll first need to create a new Project & Structure in your account so that we can clone the design into them. You’ll need to create a Commercial and/or Residential project depending on what your interested in. Put the project name as ‘Example Residential/Commercial Projects’ so that I can clone the residential/commercial projects in there for you.

Next input these details (you can set the address to your own preferred location) making sure that you’ve named them correctly to match the site attributes (residential or commercial have different grids).

Leave LC modules and indicators at the default inputs. Then set the grids under ‘Site Attributes’ to your preferred location and based on whether the project is for commercial or residential designs.

Next, create the new Structures in the projects.

Name the structures as per the list below:
For all the structures, leave the Construction and Energy & Water scope at the following settings.

When your structures are ready, let our eToolLCD coaches know and then we’ll proceed with cloning the example designs into your account.

Once you have the design, we highly recommend looking into the details entered at both the structural and design level of the projects. Dig into the types of templates used in the design and the naming conventions that have been used to be more organised and a more transparent LCA. You should also check the uploaded supporting documents as some of the designs (such as Example 2 Story Office Fit-Out) have examples for how they’ve done the materials take-off to input into eTool.

For some projects, example Proposed Designs have also been included so that you can see how to model improvement strategies. Refer to the ‘Recommendations’ tab in the Proposed Design to see how the strategies have been recorded. Note that the recommendations will no longer be balancing since the LCI dataset would’ve changed since it was created. Nonetheless the examples used would still be relevant.
We have now launched the new ‘Scenarios Feature’ to supersede the Recommendations feature. Please refer to this module in our Intermediate training course on how to use the new Scenario feature.

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