Functions: bulk import and reporting

Functions Bulk Import:

eTool users can import multiple functions. Functions are useful to segment large projects into specific assets or project components in the same design. Templates can be assigned to specific functions to allow segregation of impacts as well as reporting on parts of a larger project.


Reporting by function:

eTool automated reporting functionality allows the project impact to be reported by a specific primary function. This is applicable when a large project has various functions representing different assets or areas within a design in eTool. For example, a rail system can be divided into civil infrastructure, stations, rail, viaduct, bridge, or a building may have mixed areas like commercial plus residential etc. Each function will have its associated templates and various reports can be generated to capture impacts according to that specific function. When generating the report, the user can to select the ‘Object of Assessment’ or ‘Functional Focus’ to define the specific function to be included in the report results. Currently only buildings can have all functions reported under ‘Whole Building’ whereas infrastructure projects must be reported under a specific function.

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