Human toxicity potential

The common use of the Human Toxicity Potential indicator is to obtain the Additional LCA Reporting point in Green Star rating system.

The latest Green Star Submission Guidelines (v1.2) require the units of the Human Toxicity impact category to be Comparative Toxicity Units for Humans (CTUh), and the USEtox Characterisation Method. USETox is a well established method and readily available.

The units for the eTool Human Toxicity, Cancer and Non-Cancer are CTUh which is a USEtox Characterisation Method, and the units are similar with those required by the Green Star Submission Guidelines.

Is there a way to combine both into a single indicator?

What’s the difference between Human Toxicity Potential (DALY), and Human Toxicity Potential Cancer / Non-Cancer, and which one is the most appropriate to be reported for Green Star projects?

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  1. Fei Ngeow

    With the latest Australasian v12 LCI dataset, Human Toxitiy Potential is split into 3 indicators as mentioned above. For Greenstar assessments, please select both Human Toxicity Cancer/Non-Cancer (CTUh) indicators for reporting purposes. It’s not an issue if they are in two as long as both indicators are in CTUh. For more info on the difference between the 3 indicators, please refer to this post:

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