Life Cycle Cost LCC and ISO156865 Reporting

One of the most powerful parts of eTools unique template structure is the inclusion of data on all people and equipment impacts as well as materials that make up a construction element. This means that templates include maintenance as well as replacement costs over the life cycle and makes converting an LCA to an LCC very simple.

eTool is planning to automate LCC reporting from the app just as we have successfully done with LCA reports.  In the interim we’ve set up a word and excel template for LCC reporting (see below).  See this video for how to run LCC from eTool and report against ISO156865 standard for BREEAM MAN2 credits.

Note: The LCC spreadsheet template can be used with any financial indicator. Not just British pounds as shown in the video.

LCC Report Templates

LCC MS Word Report Template

LCC MS Excel Template for Charts etc (UPDATED: 19 July 2023)
*Note that the excel spreadsheet allows for up to 10,000 rows of data. Copy the formulas through if you need more rows than this.

Trouble Shooting

Spreadsheet not working? Please check that the below items have been done:

  1. ‘Pound Sterling’ indicator has been turned on in the Project Level prior to exporting the data.
  2. You have downloaded the latest version of the spreadsheet (linked above).
  3. You have clicked on the ‘Calculate Now’ button after you’ve filled out the spreadsheet. You should probably adjust the spreadsheet settings as per the section below before doing this to speed up the process.

Slow Load Times

For users who are experiencing slow load times with the spreadsheet (due to large file size and/or low RAM), changing the following settings in Excel may help. Note that you might need to change to these settings for every session.

Please make the following changes to Excel before you reopen the spreadsheet again:

  1. Click on ‘File’ then ‘Options’. If you have Office 365, it will be located at the bottom of the green menu on the left.
  2. In the pop-up menu, click on ‘Advanced’ and under ‘Formulas’ ensure that the ‘Enable Multi-Threaded Calculation’ check box is checked. Click ‘OK’ to update.
  3. Back in the normal spreadsheet page, click on ‘Formulas’ and under ‘Calculation Options’, click on ‘Manual’ to activate the manual calculations. This means that you’ll need to manually recalculate formulas in the spreadsheet by clicking on the ‘Calculate Now’ button in the same calculation options menu.

These settings should help speed up the time it takes for the spreadsheet to work or make changes.

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  1. emad5402

    ‘Pound Sterling’ indicator is not available in the financial indicator ( only Australian Dollars available). how I can add this financial indicator?

  2. Colin2394

    So the reporting ‘word’ template provides the basis for the component level breakdown at Stage 4, but for the elemental breakdown (Stage 2) you need to combine components back into their elements?

    I mean, I get why you wouldn’t do that if you have component level data at Stage 2 but, I’m not sure then what you’d have to do at Stage 4 other than to report changes in the design (alternative components, perhaps?) and if it doesn’t change, you’d effectively be issuing the Stage 2 report with a different cover at Stage 4??

    1. Marios Tsikos

      Hi Colin! The word template is the basis for both Stage 2 and Stage 4 LCC reports. The level of detail, elemental or component has to do with the modelling and the options that are appraised. The templates modelling approach in eToolLCD means that you can model in a high level of detail even at Stage 2. What will actually differentiate Stage 2 and Stage 4 reports is the options that were appraised/reported. At Stage 2 you are only required to include the Mat 01 options in the LCC report(if you pursue the LCA/LCC alignment credit). At Stage 4 it’s a requirement to go into more detailed and services related options as per the Man 02 criteria.

    1. Pat Hermon

      Yes! The reporting is fairly similar for elemental and component level LCC. Elemental level requires only a high-level summary of the LCA results, component level requires a detailed breakdown of each construction componant. Both can be obtained from the results reporting tool. In fact because of the unique way our template system works, you can obtain a detailed breakdown even during early stage 2 analysis (see this post

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