Recommendations: Materials Related Strategies and reducing Embodied Carbon

How to Model Common Materials Related eToolLCD Recommendations

Don’t forget that to record the results for each recommendation individually, you’ll need to hit the red ‘Record’ button in the recommendation window BEFORE you make any changes to the design.

After you’ve completed all the steps for your recommendation, remember to hit the ‘Stop Recording’ button at the top left corner of your screen to finish recording your recommendation.

Concrete Bulk Swap – Fly Ash 50% blend

  • Make sure fly ash quantities known
  • Make sure same MPa is specified
  • Make Sure same reinforcement % is specified
  • Use ‘Bulk Swap’ feature to change the concrete (materials) to correlating fly ash quantities.

Replace Carpet/Tile for Timber Floor

  • Know m2 of carpet/tile to be replaced
  • Add timber floor at correct quantity
  • Bulk swap disposal method, 50% recycle, 50% compost is an ok assumption
  • Delete/reduce the corresponding amount of carpet/tile

Structure replacement: Steel for Timber

  • Determine the quantity of the material you’re replacing
  • Add a timber template of the same quantity or equivalent of steel deleted
  • Delete the steel component of the original structure

Other Materials Strategies

See Pats session on reducing embodied carbon

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Other Strategies: Operational Energy Strategies, Energy Generation Strategies

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