Guide to Recommendations: Modeling Improvement Strategies from the Library

Congratulations! You’ve just successfully certified your Business-As-Usual/Reference Design! You’re now about to proceed to the next step in your LCD process.

Before you start modeling your changes, you should scrutinise your design to identify ‘hot spot’ areas what require attention. Please refer to This support post for tips on how to do this.

Please note that we have now launched our new Scenarios Feature for easier recommendation recording functionality! Please click on the link above for more information on how to start using this feature. For BREEAM projects, the Scenarios post will also have a link to Optioneering specific guidance.

Note that even when using the Scenarios feature, most of the way to model the recommendations available in our library will remain the same. You just won’t have to go through the ‘recording’ feature.

Recommendation Modeling Procedures

So how do you model the recommendations? Every recommendation (especially if it’s from our library) are different with different assumptions. Therefore it is imperative that you read the descriptions in the recommendation description thoroughly prior to modeling the changes. The changes to be modeled can be as simple as replacing (deleting) an old template with a new template, applying an energy use scale factor, adding another template to a product and etc.

Click on the following links to the relevant strategies:

Operational Energy Strategies

Materials Related Strategies

Energy Generation Strategies

Embodied Carbon Webinar

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