New Multi End-of-Life Disposal Methods

We are excited to introduce eTool’s new Multi End-of-Life Disposal Methods feature.

Materials can now have multiple and varied disposal methods/End-of-Life options, allowing users the flexibility to model a wide variety of disposal/End-of-Life scenarios. Product disposals (open loop recycling, closed loop recycling, sent to landfill or no disposal) can be set in any combination by percentage and with multiple transport methods and distances for each method.

How to Edit Disposal Methods in Templates

To edit disposal methods in templates, you need to navigate to the “Edit Material” tab and follow the animation below.

It is important to remember that while you can set as many methods as you like, the total percentage for EOL disposal must add up to 100%.

How to Edit Disposal Methods in Design

With the new multi-disposal methods, the bulk swap for material disposal methods at the design level is currently not available. We are working to develop the bulk swap feature to accommodate multi-disposal methods. Meanwhile, you would need to manually edit disposal methods in templates. It is recommended to limit the number of material entries in your design to minimise the need for manual adjustments to disposal methods.

For instance, if you need to change the disposal methods for concrete materials in the lowest floor areas as an improvement strategy in the proposed design, it is more efficient to aggregate the quantity of concrete materials and add a single BAU concrete template for the lowest floor into the BAU design. Then, you can create a custom proposed concrete template with updated disposal methods and replace the BAU concrete template in the proposed design.

Please note that bulk swapping of material disposal methods at the design level is currently unavailable for the new Multi End-of-Life Disposal Methods. We are actively working on this feature, so stay tuned for updates!

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