Organisation Template Ownership – Template Sharing

Users with the relevant paid subscription (Enterprise or Specialist) can now assign ownership of templates to their organisation. Although eTool encourages clients to validate their templates with eTool and make them public, eTool offers an option to keep templates private in the user account or assign template ownership to their organisations. 

Other organisation members will be find the templates assigned to their Organisation in the library, add those templates to their designs and if they have also been assigned as the organisation admin, they will also be able to edit and make changes to those templates.

Template Editing Permissions

Templates that have been shared to the organisation can only be edited by a user if they meet all three of the conditions below:

  1. They must be an active member of the organisation that the templates are assigned to
  2. They must either be the template’s owner or an org admin.
  3. The templates are private, not validated and unarchived.

Only Organisation admin users and the original template creator will be able to edit and make changes to custom templates that have been shared to the Organisation.


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