Setting Up Your Profile

Welcome to the eTool software! The following is some information on how to set up your profile and what features are available in this area.

To access your profile settings, you can find the link at the top right corner of your browser after you login to the eTool web-based software. Click on your profile name and in the drop down menu, click on ‘My Profile’.

Once the page reloads, the first tab you’ll see is ‘My Info’ where you can make the following changes:

The next tab down, ‘My Plan’, is where you can manage your subscription. For more information relating to Enterprise subscriptions, please refer to this post.

The following ‘Projects’ tab lists all the projects that you have created or that you’re a collaborator on.

Navigate to the ‘Settings’ tab and you will be able to make the following notification/application settings and report customisation changes. For users with ‘Enterprise Specialist’ subscriptions, eTool will allow you to customise the automated reports generated in the software to feature your own company logo and other features. For more information on the Enterprise functionality, click here. For a list of reports that eTool automatically generates and samples, please refer to this page.

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