Project Level Reporting

With our new “Project Level Reporting” feature, Org Admin users can now generate automated reports across an entire project with multi-structures to gain better understanding of the whole-of-life carbon performance of the project. This unique feature is currently available for Specialist Hotseat Orgs only. In this article, we demonstrate how to use the new “Project Level Reporting” feature to create your automated project reports.

The Project-level report includes:

  • Project information
    • Project Details
    • Assessor Details
  • Introduction
  • Project Buildings and Structures
  • Project Goal
  • Carbon Performance Summary
  • Key Performance Characteristics
  • Performance Summary
  • Performance Detail
  • Detailed Analysis
  • Appendix

This functionality works just like it does at the Design level. To access the project report in eTool currently, you need:

  • To have the project belong to an organisation
  • The organisation is holding Specialist Hotseat subscription
  • To have at least Read Only access to the project

In addition, there are three important conditions that need to be met to enable successful generation of the project report as below:

  • Cerclos ResultSync – this is a powerful distributed computing network and clustered database that supplements our standard reporting systems. Before you can generate a project report, your designs need to be loaded into ResultSync. eTool selects only ONE design per structure, choosing in the following order of priority – the design that has been favourited, the last certified design or the latest design in each of your eTool structures. 
  • The selected designs are required to have only ONE primary function.
  • The selected designs are required to have a relevant BENCHMARK under “Function” tab at the Design level (e.g. the benchmark of Proposed/Improved/Final/As-Built design is Reference Design or the eTool default Office or Residential benchmarks if applicable).

Note that this reporting feature works particularly well with our Project Level Data Import feature as you can specify the parameters of creating the projects that meet the conditions above (i.e. one design per structure, one primary function etc).

Kindly be aware that the ongoing development of this new feature is still in progress to overcome certain limitations. There may be some discrepancies when generating the project report. If you are facing issues with the project report, please raise a support ticket.

Below is a step-by-step guide on creating a Project-level report.

  • Step 1: Select ONE design per structure for reporting by simply marking it as your “favourite” design. You can do this by navigating to the specific design you want to report at the Structure level, then go to the Design level, click on the action button, and select the ‘Favorite’ option. Note that you can skip this step if you wish to let eTool automatically select the design for you.


  • Step 2: Return to the Project level and navigate to the “ResultSync” tab to load designs. 

When all designs are loaded, you will be able to see their status as “Complete”. 

You also can exclude any Structure from Reporting. Note that everytime you update the design, you will see the Status as “Modified” in the ResultSync. You may need to retry to load the new version to generate the new report.

  • Step 3: Navigate to “Reports” tab. Click “New Report” button and select the report types in the drop down menu for Report Type. You also have the flexibility to customise the report by selecting different report components and attributes. Click “Generate” button to create a Project-level report.

Click on the following link to download an example of Project-level report. Please note that this report is based on a dummy project therefore the figures & results are not to be used as reference. Reports will not contain any water marks once the Design has been certified.

Project Carbon Performance Report

Project Custom Report

Excel Report – Project All Impact Details

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