Project/Structure Description

What kind of information should you provide for your design? The rule of thumb is to assume that whoever is reading/reviewing your study has no idea about the project or how you have conducted the assessment. Therefore you should try to provide as much useful information as you can to provide clarity and transparency about your project. The information you provide here is also useful for the LCD coach who will be certifying your design and may answer many of the questions they might have about your assessment. All the information here will also be fed into the LCA reports you generate and therefore provide more depth and detail into the study. Therefore please be sure to differentiate the information added in the description for both the Project & Structure level.

Here are some suggestions on what you should include in the two description fields:

At Project Level Description

The Project level description should be kept to the general overview level of information due to the possibility of there being multiple structures within the same Project.

  • Description of the overall project or precinct information
  • Overall project functional brief

At Structure Level Description

Because there may be different Structures within a Project, most of the building/structure specific details should be outlined in the Structure level.

  • Structure/building specific description
  • Rating tool (including the version/year)*
  • Rating scope (design, as-built, fully fitted, shell & core, shell only, etc.)*
  • Provide details regarding main building functions
  • Floor areas for the different functions
  • Key construction components
  • Key sustainability features included in the design
  • Design goals

*For BREEAM projects please refer to the section below.

If you don’t know where the Project or Structure level is in your design, please refer to this page.

BREEAM Projects

For BREEAM Projects, please include the following information in your Structure Level description:

  • Rating year
  • Location
  • RIBA Project Stage
  • Type (New Construction/Refurbishment/Fitout)
  • Scope (Fully Fitted/Shell Only/Shell & Core)
  • Credits Targeted (Substructure/Superstructure & Hard Landscaping/Core Building Services)


BREEAM 2018 UK – Stage 2 New Construction (Fully Fitted)

The proposal is for a new office block in London with a land area of 258m2. The building will span 6 floors with retail tenancies on the ground floor.

Credits targetted are for Substructure and Superstructure & Hard Landscaping only… etc etc

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