Recommendations: Energy Generation Strategies

How to Model Common eToolLCD Recommendations

Solar PV

Assuming that you’re running all possible strategies with the aim to bring the design to carbon zero (or better). You might want to size the solar PV system according to the final global warming impact of your design after all other recommendations have been considered to push it to your target. Therefore, solar PV is among the final recommendations to implement because its demand is driven by prior recommendations, assuming all are considered. Note that the system size is also limited by the available roof space and a max feed-in tarrif is applicable depending on the region. The aim is to hit the max solar PV size whilst still being able to send back to the grid and generate money/savings from it without being charged.

  • Without recording, first add solar PV template relevant for the region (e.g. Perth is zone 3 solar pv), and edit the system size until the overall carbon footprint hits zero or the max feed-in tariff or roof space limit is reached.
  • Once the PV system size is determined, add it as a template and record the change.

High Efficiency Solar PV

If roof area is a limit reached before the maximum feed-in tariff size limit, upgrading to higher efficiency solar panels is another strategy to implement. We generally assume that higher efficiency panels will provide about a 25% increase in power generation unless other evidence is provided.

Add recommendation template making sure to note down the assumptions modelled in the description.

Start the recording and add the relevant number of solar panels (25% of total standard panels are able to fit. i.e. only 2kW of average PV panel system can fit on the roof. High efficiency panels should be modelled as an additional 0.5kW of standard PV panels.)

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