Scale Costs

Integrated Life Cycle Environmental and Costing studies are powerful to accelerate investments and drive low carbon design. Scale costs feature is useful to help software users produce more accurate life cycle costing studies, aligned with cost plans. LCA and LCC results will assist identifying design options with best environmental performance at the lowest possible cost over the project estimated life cycle.

Scaling costs in eTool is applicable to capital costs and can be adjust for materials, people and equipment. Changes can be made at the design level (whole project) or at the template level (specific component). 

Scale Costs – Design level

Scale Costs – Template level

Adjustments can be made using the sliding bar or editing the number directly. There is an option to reset as well. Note that at template level, specific costs can be locked to prevent changes when adjusting costs at the higher design level.
Project information that relates to operational costs like energy and water consumption can´t be adjusted. Only capital cost information can be scaled. 

Detailed financial information is produced with eTool. Information is presented in life cycle terms considering Present Value discount rate and Inflation rates for materials, labour, equipment, energy and water.

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