Staff Turnover: Handover Procedure for Organisations

As an organisation, there will come a point in time when you will experience staff turnover. Should the departing staff hold an eTool account, they will need to conduct the proper handover procedure before their departure to ensure that all the work that they’ve created for the organisation is kept accessible within the organisation and can be handed over to the next person to manage.

The best way to conduct the handover is to ensure that the organisation that will retain that work has an organisation portal on eTool (i.e. Enterprise, Specialist or Specialist Hotseat subscriptions). Should this not be the current subscription, the organisation will need to upgrade their subscription to ensure that the work can be transferred. Please note that Consultant plans are personal plans and can not be transferred to another user. The Enterprise subscription has functionality features that ensures that you will not need to share logins as long as the proper handover steps are followed.

For more information on the features for our different subscriptions, please refer to our eTool Pricing page.

Handover Procedure

  1. Sharing Projects
    Ensure that all projects have been assigned to the organisation (edit ‘Organisation’ settings at each Project level).
    Ensure that you have assigned your team as collaborators to the projects (edit ‘Collaborator’ settings at each Structure level). Please refer to this support post for more info.
  2. Sharing Custom Templates
    Please ensure that all custom templates created have been assigned to the organisation to ensure the organisation’s continued access to them after your departure. You can refer the this Template Sharing post on how to do this. We also encourage users to validate their templates wherever possible so that the templates can be reviewed by Cerclos. You can refer to this Template Validation post on the template validation process.
  3. Sharing Custom EPDs
    All custom EPDs and Recommendations that you have created will no longer be accessible to your team after your departure. The organisation will only be able to access your custom EPDs only if they are made public or if you add the EPD to a custom template which is then shared to the org. If you wish to make your EPDs public, please send a list of the links to the EPDs you’ve created and we’ll make it public for you. Please refer to this support post to find out how to add an EPD into a template.
  4. Organisation Admin Role Handover
    Ensure that organisation settings such as subscription seats and ‘admin’ access have  been updated correctly. The new admin user will also need to change the departing member to ‘Inactive’ once the handover procedure has been completed for IP protection purposes. 

Further Support

Should you require further support in your handover process, please submit a Support Request during your handover period.

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