How to Edit Template Quantities

Here’s a quick ‘How-To’ guide on editing quantities for templates in your design.

Edit Master Template Quantities

To navigate around in your design, you need to note the green tabs on the left side of your page. To view all the templates you have added to your design in list view, just click on the ‘Templates‘ tab on the left menu.

Once you’re in the ‘Templates‘ view, you will be able to see a list of all the templates in your design. Click on either the name of the template you want to edit or click on the ‘Edit‘ button next to the template you wish to edit.

Once you’re inside the Template, it will look like you’re back at where you’ve started. However note that the material quantities look different AND at the top of the page where the navigation address is, you’ll notice that the name of the template you’ve chosen will be showing (i.e. Example Project (sTool Default) > Example Structure > Example BAU Design > Ceiling – Suspended (steel supports) finished Plasterboard). Take note of this navigation address as it will let you know at which level of the design you’re at. Click on the ‘Details‘ tab of this template to edit the template quantity.

When you’re in the ‘Details‘ tab, you can edit the whole template quantity in the ‘Design Template Quantity’ field (4). Take note of the template units next to this entry field (i.e. in this case it’s m2). Make a note of the changes you’ve made to the template in the ‘ChangeLog’ entry field at the bottom of the page (5) and don’t forget to click on the ‘Save‘ button (6).

Edit Nested Template Quantities

If you wish to edit a nested template within a template, navigate to the ‘Nested Templates‘ tab of the relevant template to view the list of nested templates within that template. You then repeat steps 2 – 6 as outlined above to edit the nested template quantity within that template.

Delete Whole Templates & Nested Templates

You can also delete any nested template/template within the design using the same method above. Just click on the red ‘Delete’ button next to the template in the template list view and that will remove the whole (nested) template from the template/design for you.

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