Using Equations in Templates

You have probably noticed that in many templates in our library, instead of an absolute number, an equation has been entered instead. If you’re creating a custom template and wish to employ equations as well, please be aware that you must link the equation to the DTQ (Design Template Quantity) if you need the calculations to scale up/down according to the template quantity when added to a Design. If the DTQ is not included into the equation, the calculations for the equation will remain static when added to a Design regardless of the quantity entered.

For example, if you created a custom wall template for 500m2 of wall.

In your material inputs, you use an equation to calculate the total weight required for 500m2 of wall by multiplying the volume of wall by the material density as per below. Notice that in this template, there is no reference to the DTQ.

Here’s another custom template for the same wall but using DTQ instead.

Even though the two templates may have the exact same impacts in the Template Library.

The templates tell a different story once you add them into your design especially when you try to scale it up/down to a different quantity.

You can see that the ‘no DTQ’ template quantities did not scale up since the equation did not contain the expression ‘DTQ’. This is why including the DTQ expression in your template equations (when applicable) is really important to ensure scalability. It is always a good idea to ‘test’ your custom templates in a Design first if you’re creating a template from scratch or experimenting with something new (using equations).

More Complex Equations

You can also use any other number of expressions in your equations as applicable. Please refer to this post for a comprehensive list of expressions available and their descriptions.

Please note that if you are using more complex equations such as the above, please ensure that you enter detailed descriptions in the template details to explain the equation you have used.

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